GROMKO | Manifesto
We are pleased to present our manifesto. The idea behind the video was to play with the shape of the logo. Hope you like it!
Nivea x Cyberpunk 2077
Nivea, in collaboration with CD Project RED, released a limited edition of its products. And we at GROMKO created the graphics for the advertising campaign.
Sibur | VR
Corporate video for Sibur company. Video telling about different specialities available for new employees.
Sber | Strategy 2023
We created this video for Sber company. The video was shown on Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and telling about new Sber strategy.
SAP | Forum 2019
AXE | Apollo
Series of video ads, made for AXE Apollo Limited Edition. Illustrations are based on the art, used in the new AXE deodorant can design. The concept is built around space pop-culture images, which we slightly adjusted to match the style.
NLMK | Affecting Ecology
NLMK is one of the most efficient metallurgical companies in the world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We made a series of videos about how metallurgical enterprises affect the environment. 
New Year Broadcast
Comparative Law Research Center | Promo
We represent International and Comparative Law Research Center as a number of metaphorical rooms. Each room symbolizes different feature of ICLRC, altogether assembling in a campus - the united innovative effective facility.
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Personal project that was made to study C4D and Octane.
Air Wick | New Fragrances
We made a series of videos about Air Wick scented oils. The goal was to show the fragrances as funny characters. Among them are Wild Pomegranate, Samovar, Lemon Pac-Man and even Anton Chekhov with The Cherry Orchard. These scents come into the house and destroy unpleasant odors. We wanted the characters to look a little crazy and in different styles. Hope you will enjoy it!
Raiffeisen Bank | Values
We created this explainer video for Raiffeisen Bank to promote new corporate values.
Mango | Pet Insurance
We created this explainer video for Mango insuring company to promote a service for pet insurance.
Royal Canin | Road to Market
Sibur | The Chemistry of Life
This video was made for SIBUR to explain its business model for potential investors, graphically show its scale and advantages. To make it brief and plain, we chose the simplified 3d-animation look.
Raiffeisen Bank | #vsesrazu
We created this explainer video for Raiffeisen Bank to promote new card #vsesrazu. The video explains what benefits the card has.
Avito | Ratings
We created this promo video for Avito Marketplace to explain how ratings system work.
Sibur | Amur Gas Chemical Complex
Corporate video for Sibur company. Video telling about potential of the Amur gas chemical complex under construction.
Astana International Financial Center | Explainer
This video was made for Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) showcase. AIFC is a financial platform for business so we chose the style of a construction kit to represent its complicated structure and variability.
HC Spartak | Play Off 2020
Visual content for HC Spartak home arena. It was used during the Gagarin Cup 2020
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